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a new Standard in customer lead generation for Mortgage Originations, Fulfilment and Nurturing ...

Customer initiated data that automatically creates a financial profile ready for a Mortgage Advisor to service or Nurture ...

Let RealiseIQ Take Your Business to New Heights

Who says the process of mortgages needs to be cumbersome, disconnected, archaic and sporadic? 

Open Banking

Take modernisation to the next level by having customers initiate their affordability assessment

Improve Transparency & Efficiency

Plug gaps quicker through seamless exchange of information between Advisors and Customers.

Data Science for Insights

Take machine learning to next level with the ability to derive meaningful insights from customer's financial habits. 

Innovative Customer Experience

Revolutionary new approach to take friction points out of mortgage process through market leading Customer Experience through affordIQ (our customer facing app...also coming soon)

1 West Regent Street, Glasgow

United Kingdom, G2 1RW

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